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Social Presence

So you have a business and you may even have a website; but do you have social presence? If the answer is no you must start to consider your social presence as this is key to retaining customers and to attracting new ones. Almost all of your customers use social media and if you do not have social presence you lose the opportunity to interact with them online. Interaction with customer s online increases your social presence and helps to get more prospective customers. If you have social presence your existing customers can share their views or like your products or your posts. If they do so their friends can also see their action on your social media and they may in turn become your customer. Not only that, your prospective customers are more likely to become a customer if they see good reviews or comments about your business or your products or services. Imperial Business Solutions can help you to build social presence by creating social media pages on:





Example Pages (Sony)

Sony Facebook Page

Sony Google+ Page

Sony Googlelarge

Sony Twitter Page

Sony Youtube Channel


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Social Media Maintenance

If you do not have time to spare, IBSL can help you to manage your social media. We guarantee that we will keep your social media up to date and will send you a social media report at the end of every month, so that you can track your progress and success.

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