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Facebook Advertisement

Facebook Marketing has become an important ad platform for all type of business. It is very easy to reach your customers through Facebook. All you need is to target the right group of people. Let us help you to understand Facebook ads in detail and take your business one step ahead of your competitors.


Google Advertisement

Google Advertisements is another essential online ad platform for businesses. It has a unique way of targeting prospective customers. There are different types of advertisements available in Google Ads.


Re-Targeting Advertisement

Re-targeting is a revolution in the online marketing world. It is a unique way to increase your online sales by 100%. This technology is used to target people who have left your website without purchasing your product or service.


Social Presence

You must start to consider your social presence as this is key to retaining customers and to attracting new ones. Almost all of your customers use social media and if you do not have social presence you lose the opportunity to interact with them online.


Ads Tracking

Are you advertising online or offline? Do you know how many customers you are reaching or how your ads are performing?


Search Engine Optimization

Having a website is great but if your customers cannot find your website when they search, it is not good for your business.


Email Marketing

You may have an email database, but are you using your database to generate more income? Do you have the proper tools to check your email campaign results? IBSL offers some outstanding proven email marketing solutions.


Text Marketing

Short Message Service (SMS) is the quickest way to get your customers' or prospective customers' attention. If you have a database why not use it to achieve more revenue every month?


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