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Google Analytics or advanced analytics

Do you know how many people visit your website? Do you know which pages they visit? Are you able to track their activities?
Website analytics is as important as having a website. IBSL charge an initial fee to set up the tool on your website, but following set up the tools are completely free to use.

Google Analytic Tool features Advanced Analytic tool features
Real-time reporting Real time data updates
Custom reports Get a detailed view of your visitors
Custom variables Customizable dashboard
Advanced segmentation All website dashboard
Dashboards Beautiful historical report
Visualisation Analytics for e-commerce
Sharing Goal conversion tracking
API & Customisations Track custom variables
Site Search Track searches done on your site
In-page analytics GEO locate your visitors for accurate detection
Site speed analysis World map of your visitors
Event tracking Page transitions
Make your Adsense programme more effective Page overlay
Measure the impact of social media Site Speed
Mobile app analytics Track file downloads
E-commerce reporting Track click to external website link
Scheduled email reports Optional tracking of 404 pages
No data limit More than 800 search engines tracked
Free community support forums Scheduled email reports
  Embed report
  Optionally make your statics public
  No data limit
  Create text annotations
  Free community support forums

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